Friday, September 5, 2008

At Least I'm Not A Dog In A Parka.

Where do I start? When we last left our heroine, she was preparing for a job interview...

The interview went smashingly! I was on target with all of the questions, I was dressed nicely, I was personable without being overbearing... I walked out of that interview without a single iota of regret. I aced it. Now, hopefully, they will hire me. I would hire me.

So, today was the day from hell. There was banking to tend to, the SO's truck needed the tags updated. I scheduled an inspection at the beginning of the week. I got to the inspection site only to be told to come back at 3:30... seriously. I have kids at 3:30 which totally defeats the purpose of scheduling the inspection for 9:30 AM. I drive across hell's half acre searching for someone to inspect my truck. Inspection complete. I take my little slip of paper to the DMV with my insurance information and checkbook only to be told that my personal property taxes are showing as unpaid. Crap.

I hop in the truck and make my way to the courthouse. They were right, our taxes weren't paid. I know we paid some kind of tax... but it wasn't that one. I go home, defeated. I search through the duplicates of our checks for the last nine months. Lo and behold! there it is! We paid our CITY taxes, you know, the ones we had no idea existed until last year. I race to the school where my husband works, tell him the situation, get the savings book, race back to the bank only to be given attitude by the teller. Who do these people think they are? Seriously. The lady who waited on me is the same one who always waits on me. She's just as rude today as she was last week, month, year... Finally, I get out with money in hand, go to the courthouse and pay the taxes and get the stupid tags. The End. Crappy Day.
Now I'm home and I have a huge headache. I need caffeine. Grandma next door has Pepsi. I love Grandma.

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