Saturday, September 20, 2008

How To Be A Bitch 101

Here's the back story... my youngest daughter took a medication at the age of 20 days that gave her brittle teeth. They break easily and chip frequently. They are not black, but tinged a slight gray. A local dentist, who we had to start seeing because my husband thought driving to Ste. Genevieve to see the competent dentist was too far, drilled and filled my poor little childs teeth. ALL of the fillings crumbled and fell out taking with them my daughter's teeth. Four teeth. Leaving the roots. So, since July we've been to three different special dentists and pediodontists. Yesterday, we drove to Clayton to visit the offices of Accent Dental.

Things were going great. We got there early and were able to get into the office early also. It went downhill from there. The dental assistant *emphasis on the ASSistant* was either having a bad day or teaching a course on how to be a bitch. Either way, I am the WRONG person to pull that crap with. It started off by her asking me if I brush my child's teeth. Well, no, she's almost seven, she brushes them on her own. However, I watch. Then, she rinses with a fluoride rinse that shows her where she missed. She does this at least twice a day and sometimes eight... So the lady snarkily says, "Does she floss?" Hmmm..... No. "Well, why not?" Because, I say, giving her floss is like giving a cat a hand grenade. Neither of them know what to do with it and they are liable to get hurt. She doesn't have a sense of humor.

So, the doctor comes in and we're discussing our plan of action. They talked about putting sealant on her six year molars. I informed them that she had sealant put on her teeth last year... to which the *ASSistant* replied, "I doubt that. I've NEVER heard of schools putting sealant on childrens' teeth." Welll.... just because she hasn't heard of it doesn't make it not true. I am not used to having my credibility or statements questioned. I went on to explain that there was a program in our county called "Smiley Faces" that goes to the school and does this. She still says she's never heard of it. I told her that it's run out of the Missouri Health Initiative. She shoots arrows at me with her mind... then asks me how often my kid drinks soda. Let me think about that one... rarely to never. Oh, what does she drink you ask? There's this great thing called MILK. She also likes WATER and JUICE. She then tells me she's never heard of a child teeth being affected by a medication taken at birth. Damn, this woman is dumb. She then says that my child's problem is the result of tooth decay and possibly baby bottle tooth decay. Funny, my child was breastfed and on a cup by the age of one. Strike three, you're out.

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