Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Just in case I'm accused of being biased...

I don't like Obama and Biden either. I'm apathetic and will probably vote for Bob Barr.

Makin' fun of the election. Ur doin' it right...

So, I am tired of the election... really tired. Yesterday, a campaign worker for McCain called me to ask if they could count on my vote. I giggled... a lot. Now, generally, I vote for Republicans or more moderate conservatives. However, I am finding it difficult to see any redeeming or likable qualities in McCain. He gives me the heebie jeebies and so does his "Stepford Wife". Sarah Palin makes my head feel as though it will asplode. The arrogance that just seems to drip off of the two of them makes me very angry. I explained at length to the poor worker that I would not be voting for McCain and the reasons why. I'm not going to list them for you because it's early and I cannot brain this early in the morning, but I can assure you the list was lengthy and funny as hell. She giggled and agreed with me! It's just a job!

So, this morning I got in the interwebs to look at LOLcats and I find this little gem, ready to caption. Enjoy.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Did I Mention That I'm Fat?

My youngest child took my picture the other day when I was burning leaves in the front yard. It confirmed what I already knew. I am fat. My worst fear is indeed coming to fruition, I am starting to look like a relative of mine and it's not a good thing. So, I joined the gym. I figure if I'm paying for it, I'll be more likely to follow through. Fit 4 Life is the gym I joined. For a mere $35 per month I can work out all I like and tan my fat so it's less obvious... black is a slimming color.

My first day:

Circuits. Resistance Machines. The Hill to No Where. I did this in the morning and then after supper. (I weighed in and got measured too... 172lbs! I'm such a fatass.)

Day two:

I got called to sub, so the morning workout was pretty much shot. I went before church and did a set of the circuits. I got on the scale and guess what? 170lbs! I've lost two pounds!

So, now I'm feeling inspired. I have a goal and it's to lose 30lbs by December. If I lose 5-7lbs per week working out two times per day I can lose the weight I want by December 6th.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Cannot Brain Today

I really do have "The Dumb" today. With so much going on right now, I can barely think. The stock market is tanking, gas prices are falling, father-in-law had a heart attack, grandmother died, Pumpkin Fest is tomorrow, I have to pick up 42 pies, I have to pick up a tricked-out truck... I don't know if I want to be happy or sad.

The trip went well. I met my BFF's family. Interesting folks. They would frighten a lesser person. Next time I have to bring the uniform. The uniform consists of a hoodie, jeans and clean tennis shoes, pajama pants optional. I bought a bunch of Christmas stuff and some for myself. The trip was fun and I got to gamble, drink and eat foot-high pie. Really. FOOT HIGH PIE.

Oh, did I mention that yesterday, on our weekly excursion to the library, my wedding ring snagged on my bookbag sending the diamond flying through the air? Yeah. It. Sucked. Thank God it was insured.

Friday, October 3, 2008

So Long, Farewell, Auf Weidessein.... Goodbye!

We are leaving soon! I am so excited to be getting away for the weekend with no kids, responsibilities... et al ad nauseum. Think of us while we're on the road. My hubby asked me before he went to work, "Where is your life insurance policy? You know, in case you die in an accident." Such sweet sentimentality.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Oh, Tomorrow, Will You Ever Come?

I am waiting patiently in anticipation of tomorrow. It's the day. No kids, no husband, no housework, no whining, no worries... Utopia. It's been nearly nine years since I've gotten to have a girls getaway weekend. How is that possible? I don't deer hunt.

Anyhow, I have cash and no worries. It's time to do some serious Christmas shopping!!