Sunday, September 7, 2008

How To Kill A Pie

So, this weekend we are celebrating "Moses Austin Heritage Days" in good 'ole Potosi. They have booths, food and contests. One of the contests is a pie baking contest... Being that I am very competitive when it comes to food, I took on the challenge. What kind of pies you ask, well apple pies, custard pies, strange pies and fruit pies. I settled on making an apple pie, a sugar pie and a paw paw pie. (Paw paws are indigenous to North America and are a form of custard apple.) I started by making the sugar pie, very simple just some cream and sugar. Done. I move on to apple. Cut up apples, check... add sugar, check... add cinnamon, check... bake pie, check... drop pie on floor after taking it out of the over, check... crap. We're down one pie. So, I start on the custard pie with paw paws. It turns out great. The sugar pie is done and cool, but ugly... crap. So, I throw Cool Whip on it and eat a slice. I can't have it go to waste. Then, I tell my oldest daughter to put it in the fridge. She drops it on the floor right in front of the fridge. Crap. This morning I got up early and made another apple pie and put meringue on the paw paw custard pie. I hope to win. The prize is $100 a bunch of baking stuff. If I don't I may cry.

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