Monday, September 29, 2008

Here's Your Friggin' Bailout!

So it failed in Congress... amazingly. I was actually hoping the plan to bail out Wall Street, AKA "The Worst Idea Evah", would tank. What is it with politicians? The solution is staring them dead in the face and yet, they can't see it. What is this wonderful solution you ask? Give the money to the CITIZENS. If we were to give each household that filed taxes last year a check for $400,000 it would actually save a couple billion dollars and it would have the added bonus of boosting the financial market. People would pay off their mortgages, especially those facing foreclosure, and they would buy new cars. It's a genius of an idea. So simple. We would stimulate the economy and keep people in their homes. Too bad our ELECTED OFFICIALS are too stupid to figure it out.

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