Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Brrringgg......Brrrrddddingggg.... Your Home Planet Is Calling

Oh, yes... my home planet is calling. I hear it beckoning to me all the way from Indiana/Ohio. It's saying, "Come on home girl....". Wait, that's just Heart. Sorry, my bad. It's actually Vera Bradley and she has a very loud voice. The annual Vera Bradley Factory Sale is this weekend in Indiana. As an added bonus, about an hours drive away is the Country Living Fair. ROADTRIP! I get to leave, childless mind you, on Friday morning and return Sunday evening. I am so stoked. My good buddy, Amy will be driving and we will be staying at her dear, sweet sister's house. The best part? Are you sitting down? My hubby is giving me money! Not Monopoly money or the Post money you get in the paper... actual money! With the way the economy has been I should get some huge bargains. I'm thinking Christmas in October. Pictures to follow.

Pray for me, I teach High School home ec. tomorrow.

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