Tuesday, November 18, 2008


So, I live in a small town. Everyone knows everyone's business. By business I mean, when the mayor's wife was busted for TWELVE counts of felony attempting to illegally obtain a controlled substance... the whole town goes into spastic fits. The phone lines melt and the interwebs are slow as hell from all the activity. It's insane. Granted, our mayor is "notorious" for certain "activities" that may or may not be illegal... I never pegged his wife for a dope-fiend. She works for the hospit... oh, I get it now. Hmmm... I'm a little slow to the draw lately. I get it now.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Miss Me?

I have some new and exciting news... I have a job. Well, not a job job... it's more fun than that. I am the Director of Marketing and Sales for Prepcasts SEMO division. That was a mouthful. It's kinda like I'm the boss of the salespeople/person. We hired a new one today and will, hopefully, hire a new one tonight. What do I do? you ask...

Well, I get advertisers to advertise on our broadcasts. We broadcast sporting events via the interwebs... we have video and audio. Everything we record is archived and can be watched/listened to later. We have signed some really great advertisers and hope to sign more soon. There are 270 basketball games booked with us right now. I have been a busy little "B".

More later...