Friday, September 12, 2008

Ohio To Ban And Euthanize Pit Bulls... SRSLY

I read this on Jen Lancaster's site today. It's horrible and unfair. If the government can do this, next they'll take your Chihuahua for being ugly and barky. Here's where to send emails and sign a petition:

Here is my email and where to send yours:

House Bill 568

First let me start off by saying I have always enjoyed my trips to Ohio, in particular Sandusky, however I am very concerned with your new piece of legislation banning and euthanizing Pit Bulls. As a former Pit owner I can effectively say that there are no bad dogs, only bad owners. As trite and cliched as that may be, it is the truth. If you ban the dogs and euthanize the current Pits residing in your state you are telling the people of your state that they cannot own property deemed "dangerous" by you and the other legislators in yourstate. If you had ever owned one of these horribly dangerous (only to a tug bone) dogs you would know that the stereotype and bad reputation of the dogs is horribly misconstrued. What's next? Cats with bad dispositions? Perhaps poodles who pee on rugs, that is after all unsanitary and possibly lethal... If this bill is passed, I will not spend my hard-earned vacation money in your state and will strongly urge my friends, family and random strangers to follow suit. Please re-think your stance on this.

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Her Royal Highness, Princess Amy, Drinker of the Beers said...

Cats with a bad disposition, oh hell no. Clawdio must be saved